Emotion Project srl with registered office in Bergamo (BG), Via Vittore Ghislandi 24/A and VAT no. 04271060164, hereinafter referred to as “Lessor” grants to the lessee (“Client”), the vehicle (“Vehicle”) indicated on the front of this rental letter for the agreed period.


The Vehicle may be driven by the Client or, if indicated on the front of this rental letter, by a “second driver” provided that they are at least 18 years of age and have held a regular driver’s license for at least 12 months suitable for the category of vehicle under the contract that qualifies them to drive the Vehicle. The Vehicle shall not be driven by any other person unless prior written permission is given by the Lessor. Therefore, the Customer assumes all risks and responsibilities in case of entrusting the driving of the vehicle to a third party and also for the other effects of Article 116 paragraph XII of the Highway Code relating to entrusting to a person without a driving license.

Documents required for rental: valid driver’s license, ID card or passport, social security number, credit card or cash for security deposit.


The Vehicle is entrusted to the Customer with a full tank of fuel, equipped with the standard equipment, accessories and registration documents of which the Customer becomes the custodian for all purposes. The Vehicle is delivered in excellent condition and operation, without defects, and the Customer by signing the same declares that he/she has inspected it, verified its excellent condition and deems it fit for use. Only the possession of the Vehicle is hereby transferred to the Client, the possession of the Vehicle remaining in the full disposal of the Lessor. The Customer acknowledges that he/she does not own any real rights to the rented Vehicle and the accessories provided and, therefore, that he/she cannot dispose of them in any way.

The Customer undertakes to use the Vehicle with the diligence of a “good family man” and in particular undertakes to take care of its routine maintenance, not to drive it on bumpy roads, not to transport dangerous and/or illegal goods, not to use it in such a way as to make insurance policies invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, not to transport passengers against expressly or tacitly agreed compensation, not to tow other vehicles, not to drive it while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, not to participate in sports competitions, not to transfer it to others, not to sublease it, not to pledge it or pledge it as collateral, and not to use it outside the use for which it is intended. The Client may not drive in states outside the EU and where the green card is not valid. Consequently, the Customer shall be liable for any offense committed and connected with the operation of the Vehicle in violation of the Highway Code, and shall be obliged to pay the relevant fines directly at the time of the dispute. In case of non-compliance, for all fines that can be reconciled, and not reconciled, the Landlord, in addition to any additional charges, will charge the client a penalty of € 50+vat. The Client agrees, upon simple request of the Landlord, to reimburse the operating expenses. Costs related to transportation in the amount of €2/km for the recovery of the Vehicle are also borne by the Customer. The Customer will be liable for full compensation for the stolen vehicle if he/she fails to return the keys to the Vehicle or if the theft occurred due to manifest negligence on his/her part.


The Client agrees not to provide false information about his or her personal details, age, address, and driving requirements, expressly exonerating, the Lessor from any prejudicial consequences should they arise in case of false statements. The Customer must hold a valid driver’s license to drive the rented vehicle, as he/she is not subject to legal restrictions or orders of judicial or administrative authorities.

The Client further agrees, to pay to the Lessor the rate, plus VAT, indicated on the front and to return the vehicle at the place and on the scheduled date indicated in this rental letter in the same condition in which it was delivered, except for normal deterioration compatible with the time and mileage traveled. The Client will also pay all amounts due for incidental expenses such as optional insurance, if expressly accepted (initials on the appropriate box on the front of this rental letter), fuel, extra miles not included and other incidental charges. In the event that the Customer uses a financial credit card, he/she authorizes, as of now, its debiting from his/her account also with regard to applications of the contractually stipulated penalties/fines, unpaid fines and administrative sanctions, damages to the vehicle or to third parties, within the contractually stipulated limits.


The Lessor shall not be liable for any damages of any nature to the Client or other parties, suffered by them in the person or property and animals, including economic injury due to non-delivery of the Vehicle, damage from ruined vacation, its failure or malfunction, accidents, theft, riots, wars, natural events, force majeure and fortuitous event. Any items left out in the returned vehicle are considered abandoned. To the extent provided by law, The Lessor shall not be liable, and the Client hereby waives for itself and its heirs or assigns any and all claims against The Lessor for any and all damages suffered by the Client or third parties as a result of the use of the rented Vehicle, or for loss or damage to property owned by the Client or third parties left in or on the Vehicle.


The Vehicles are delivered to the rental station indicated in this contract, 24/A Vittore Ghislandi Street. The Vehicle must be returned during the opening hours of the Lessor’s offices. In the case of out-of-hours drop-offs, which are possible provided they have been authorized in advance, the rental will be considered closed during office reopening hours. In case of delayed delivery of more than 30 minutes, the Customer will be required to pay a penalty fee (see Art. 11). The vehicle must be returned with all accessories, keys and documents existing at the time of delivery by the Customer. Otherwise, the Customer agrees to pay a penalty fee (see art.11). If the Client wishes to change the terms of the return (date and time) he must obtain the prior consent of the Lessor by making a request to the Lessor. If the Client fails to return the Vehicle at the stipulated time and place, the Lessor may regain physical possession of the Vehicle in any manner even against the Client’s will, and the Client shall be obliged to reimburse the expenses incurred.


Payments must be made directly on the website through the use of a debit/credit card.

You can cancel the rental only by sending email to info@motoramabike.it .

The customer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the portion of the

– 100% if cancellation is made by midnight of the 7 days from the date of vehicle pickup.

( Example: vehicle pickup booked for May 24 in order to receive a full refund the cancellation must be requested by midnight on May 17.)

– 60% if cancellation occurs 6 days to 48 hours prior to vehicle pickup .

– For all other cases, the right to reimbursement is lost


Security deposit is 1000€ to be paid in cash or credit card on the day of vehicle pickup. It is understood that said deposit is returned at the end of the rental period and after the vehicle has been inspected and compliance with the general and specific terms and conditions of the agreement has been verified.

The security deposit may also be freely withheld for the cases specified above from the contractually designated financial credit card in the name of the same Customer.


The Vehicle is insured with third-party liability insurance in accordance with the law, which covers damage caused to third parties excluding the driver. The policy is available for viewing at the lessor’s office, and a copy of the policy is inside the vehicle and the customer acknowledges having read it. By accepting the RCA policy, the Customer benefits from the insurance coverage, within the limits of the limits, with the deductibles, excesses and exclusions provided in the policy.

KASCO insurance is not included in the price but can be requested.

The Customer is responsible for both damage and fire and theft of the Vehicle and will be liable for full payment equal to the commercial value of the Vehicle. The Lessee shall charge additional sums as compensation up to the amount of the Economic Liability specified in this contract.

Any optional insurance coverage will be operative provided that the Client has initialed the appropriate box on the front of this rental letter and has paid the Lessor the additional daily fee provided in the rate displayed in the Lessor’s offices and on this contract. Should any of the above cases occur, the Lessee will charge the amount of €50 (+ vat) for the administrative handling of the file.

The damage sustained shall be borne in full by the Customer in the event of the Customer’s willful misconduct or gross negligence, misuse of the Vehicle, driving while intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs. Also in cases where the Client does not return the keys to the Landlord, and in cases where the insurance does not fully compensate for the damage.


In the event of a claim, the Client undertakes to inform the Lessor immediately, to forward regular report within 24 hours with a full description (CID compilation) of the event with names and addresses of the persons involved and witnesses, to have a report drawn up by the police organs, not to make any statements of liability, to follow the Lessor’s instructions for repair or safekeeping of the Vehicle, and in any case not to leave the Vehicle unattended without ensuring adequate safeguards. In case of total or partial theft, the Client shall immediately inform the Lessor and file a report with the competent authorities. In the event of a claim caused by the Client, the Lessor will submit a damage estimate for replacement of damaged parts with new parts, this list will be processed by Emotion Project informing the Client by email with relevant photos of the damage.

  1. FAILS

Subject to the liability of the Vehicle manufacturer for construction defects and the provisions of Article 2 of this contract. The Lessee shall use ordinary diligence to maintain the Vehicle itself in fully efficient condition. Rates include routine maintenance of the Vehicle, excluding tire puncture repairs. Any expenses incurred by the Client for minor repairs and anticipated by him must be authorized in advance by the Lessor and will be reimbursed by the Lessor upon presentation of the invoice made out to the Lessor. If for objective reasons (night hours, holidays, closing hours) prior authorization cannot be requested, the Customer may advance the repair costs up to the amount of €100 (including VAT). In the event of technical failure of the rented Vehicle not attributable to the Client and precluding the possibility of using the Vehicle, the Lessor will, if possible, replace the Vehicle with a similar one. In case of impossibility it will reimburse the Client for the unused part of the already paid rental period (compensation for further damages is conventionally excluded). Abandonment of the Vehicle without written authorization will result in the Client’s obligation to reimburse all direct and indirect expenses necessary to recover the Vehicle and a penalty of €2,500.


In the event of seizure or other impoundment of the Vehicle attributable to the Customer, the Lessee will charge the daily rental rate for each day the Vehicle is impounded until the Vehicle is released, with a ceiling equal to the replacement value of the Vehicle on the expiration date of the agreed rental period. All expenses arising from fines and filing detentions exposed by judicial authorities will be charged to the customer.


Late return (30min tolerance) €15, over 30min will be charged a full day.

Loss of keys or documents €150. Failure to refuel €15+amount of fuel missing. Failure to return helmet € 100


Any changes or additions to the terms of this rental agreement will be valid only if made in writing.


This RENTAL CONTRACT is governed by Italian law. The Court of Bergamo will have jurisdiction in any dispute. In case of any conflict in interpretation between the Italian version and any courtesy translation of this rental agreement, the Italian version shall prevail over the others.


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